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Freedom vs. Safety, An Epic Battle

Freedom vs. Safety, An Epic Battle


Freedom and safety exist in a constant struggle, taking no risks leads to no progress, growth, development. In essence, stagnation is the enemy.

Personal Training

Exercise Selection, How to Decide?


With a seemingly infinite number of potential exercises, pieces of equipment, and protocols to follow, one would wonder how exactly to decide what to do. Follow along as we simplify things a bit.

A Challenging Resolution


Have you ever looked at a work of art, or listened to a piece of music a seemingly infinite number…
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Exercising Through the First Trimester


I am embarking on a mini blog post series to break down the pregnancy trimesters and educate clients on the…
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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Instructor


I am happy to share that I have completed a new certification to expand my training knowledge and add an…
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Now is the Time to Invest in You


What do depression, diabetes, and cancer all have in common? They all can be positively impacted by exercise.

Finding My Way in the Fitness World


I started my college career four short years ago at Butler University as an eager and nervous first year student…
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Are Wearables Worth It?


With the holiday season quickly approaching, something crossed my mind. No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the symbolic…
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The Epidemic Out of Focus


Hello! My name is Molly Roller and I am fortunate enough to be interning for Sam this semester. I am…
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Personal Fitness Programs

Harm Reduction


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “the lesser of two evils”. A typical example being on one hand…
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