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Returning to Exercise Postpartum

Returning to Exercise Postpartum


You have reached the end of pregnancy and it is time to consider a return to exercise, but when is…
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Freedom vs. Safety, An Epic Battle


Freedom and safety exist in a constant struggle, taking no risks leads to no progress, growth, development. In essence, stagnation is the enemy.

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Exercise Selection, How to Decide?


With a seemingly infinite number of potential exercises, pieces of equipment, and protocols to follow, one would wonder how exactly to decide what to do. Follow along as we simplify things a bit.

Exercising Through the Third Trimester


If you have been following along, we’ve made it to the third trimester! I hope you have enjoyed these posts…
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A Challenging Resolution


Have you ever looked at a work of art, or listened to a piece of music a seemingly infinite number…
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Exercising Through the Second Trimester


As we continue with this blog post series and break down the pregnancy trimesters, this post focuses on the second…
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Exercising Through the First Trimester


I am embarking on a mini blog post series to break down the pregnancy trimesters and educate clients on the…
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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Instructor


I am happy to share that I have completed a new certification to expand my training knowledge and add an…
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Now is the Time to Invest in You


What do depression, diabetes, and cancer all have in common? They all can be positively impacted by exercise.

Starting a Business Amidst a Pandemic


During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and instability, I have had the opportunity to gain a professional colleague. Aaron Blades…
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