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Five Tips for a More Balanced Plate

Five Tips for a More Balanced Plate


Are you looking to make healthier changes in 2022 without going on another diet? It’s possible to make changes towards…
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Importance of Going Barefoot


How many of you, reading this right now, can relate to the subsequent scenario. You wake up and swing your…
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Put on your own oxygen mask first

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask


Sorry in advance to those reading this on an airplane… Let me replay a common scenario for you for a…
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Foam Rolling

Personal Review of “Foam Rolling”


There are probably a lot of people out there wondering about the status of the book, how to order, when…
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surface contact

Surface, Your Point of Contact


  Does anyone out there know someone, perhaps even a husband, child, or co-worker, that you would consider to be…
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Pick a Side, Don’t Wear Flip-Flops


As the weather gets warmer, and your wardrobe changes, one thing needs to be addressed; footwear choice.  For years, we’ve…
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Technology: Use It, But Don’t Rely on It


When it comes to personal training and all other professions dealing with the human form and how it moves, knowing…
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