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Bath Fizzies make bath time lots of fun!

So if you have toddlers, you'll know how much fun bath time can be, but also how dreaded and challenging it can be, because lets face it, its the last event before bedtime, so the longer the kids can drag it out for or delay it, thats exactly what they'll do.

Thats where Bath Squiggler comes in from the Loot Toy Company. There aren't enough good things to say about this company. First and foremost, if you've been following the blog, you'll know that I love to shop and support local, because, why not? These bath fizzles and the bubble bath are hand made locally in Vancouver, BC, filed with non toxic, GMO-Free, and chemical free ingredients, so they're super safe for your child. In addition, they have a bubble bath that is all the above, and also eczema safe, 100% natural and hypo-allergenic for infants and/or toddlers with sensitive skin.

The bath squiggler is a bath fizzy that starts to dissolve on the touch of water, which ended up being a super cool feature for the kids to explore. The transformation of a solid dissolving into a liquid both surprised and intrigued the kids. And when it finally fully disappeared, low and behold, a fun little sponge toy emerged from the centre of this magical ball! Each bath fizzy holds a different sponge toy, so be sure to buy a whole pack so your kid gets a variety of toys, and bath time flies by, and off to bed they go!

The bath squigglers also smell amazing, by the way, in case I forgot to mention that. I "might" keep one hidden in my purse sometimes to make it smell clean and fresh at all times 😂 They literally smell so good, that my 3 year old thought it was a lollipop, and I wasn't worried, because all the ingredients are food grade and natural, so there's no worry if your little one drinks some of the bath water.......unless they peed in it, but thats another story.

Lastly, these products can be found at a local boutique called Buckets of Fun, which is run by a local mom in our community. Buckets of Fun is a new and second-hand shop located in South Surrey, just across the street from the auto mall, at 3033 King George Blvd. Inside you'll find some of the coolest toys, new shoes for the kiddos, books, outdoor toys, and everything in between. Be sure to check them out, you won't leave empty handed!

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