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Totokan: Baby Monitor Review

"Its called a Toto-can, not a Toto-cannot. There's nothing the Toto-cannot do."

- Casey Rumley

I had the honour of reviewing the Totokan baby monitor while we were travelling abroad to Asia with 2 kids under 2 years old. In one word, I was impressed.

The Totokan is a small baby monitor that fits in your hand. It is waterproof and shockproof, wireless, works in the dark with infrared, and has its own unique wifi. The wifi feature on this monitor makes this camera amazing. It sync's with your iPhone (or other compatible device) through its own wifi network, which means you don't actually need a wifi connection to a LAN network. You can simply connect to the Totokan wifi directly from your phone/tablet (including, in an airplane, or vehicle) making it a travel necessity with a toddler and/or a baby.

The first time I used it was on an airplane. Our toddler had his own seat (as per Cathay Pacific policies), so we let our 2 year-old sleep during the red-eye flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong. Because we were flying business class, they have the fishbone seat configuration, so it was such a peace of mind to know that we could still be watching him from a row or two back, IN AN AIRCRAFT, people!! (see picture below).

When we arrived at our destination, (Singapore), we were happy to be able to use the baby monitor for our kids while they napped, and overnight, without having to pack and carry around wires, cables, and extra (parent) monitors. It charges via a micro USB cable, so as long as you have access to one of those, there is no need to bring its own charger with you. All you had to do was press the power on button, and connect to the Totokan wifi to have it all working and ready to monitor.

The monitor is waterproof, and I even tested it out in the pool at the hotel that we were staying at. You can see pictures of it in the water. It has a nice silicone bumper on it, which is nice because when you have toddlers, they *have* to pick everything up, which means it'll also probably get dropped. Because its so portable, we took it everywhere and had no issues moving it around since it is completely wireless.

It has every feature that all the other baby monitors have:

- 2 way speaker (you can speak to your child through a function on the app), and hear your child if they make sounds

- Infrared so you can monitor your child in dark rooms (or low light) while they sleep

- Ability to record pictures/video

- Compatible with Apple and Android devices

In addition to these features, it stands out from other monitors in that it is:

- Waterproof

- Shockproof (or toddler proof)

- Easy to use/set up (grandparent or dad proof!)

- Wireless (and 100% portable)

- Can track up to 4 Totokan monitors at the same time on the app (I haven't tested this as I only have the one unit, but this is a feature they have).

(The image below shows the app in use, with the Totokan unit using the infrared in low light conditions. This is a screenshot from my iPhone, using the Totokan app, on the airplane).

Infrared in action

If you travel, or are planning to travel, this is a must-have, life changer piece of equipment for any parent. Even if you don't travel, its a great monitor to use. We continue to use it at home, and particularly, outside in our backyard while one parent is inside the house as it has a rang of up to 60 yards. Their customer service is amazing, and the company is founded by 2 parents, which means you're supporting small businesses - if you have questions, you talk directly to them. And if you need another reason to purchase one of these awesome monitors, use the code TOTOKAN10 to get $10 off your first purchase with them.

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