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Mox Showroom Discount Code

I'm writing this blog to express my appreciation of Maverick being picked to be a Brand Enthusiast for Mox Showroom! Its such a wonderful opportunity. What does this mean for you, as a reader or follower of Babies N' Brews? It means that we are able to extend a 15% off discount code to you!! Use the code BABIESNBREWS at checkout for 15% off.

These Mox shoes are not like other ones - they're super comfortable (you can even add extra padded comfort soles), you can customize them to have a wider opening if your child has a fat and thick foot (like our older son has!), or to have a narrow or wide fit, and you can customize the colour of the inside of the shoe too. They're not bulky leather ones, so they're not hot, and they'll fit your child great. They did for us! They even have a patent pending tough toe area so your kids don't trash them in the sand box!

Check them out, and tell them we sent you! Visit their page at or click this link here.

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