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JOOVY Boob - Baby bottle review

When our son Maverick went through some complications shortly after birth, we were forced to bottle feed him for a while. We got into a routine and bottle feeding worked for us. Then came the issue of finding a decent bottle for feeds 8 (or more) times a day!

We ran into issues of leakage, and bottles that had so many parts to them that washing the bottles just took forever! Not to mention trying to remember to pack all the parts with you when you had to go out!

Finally, we tried the Joovy Boob bottle. Despite some mixed reviews on Amazon, we decided to give them a try. We purchased ours from BuyBuy Baby locally, and it was the best decision to try them out.

First off, the bottles have 3 parts - the bottle, the cleanflow vent, and the nipple. They're as simple as that. The cleanflow vent prevents the bottles from leaking, and helps in reducing colic.

"The CleanFlow™ Vent is the only one-piece internal system that works unlike any other design. Straightforward and efficient, the system uses a medical-grade silicone skirt as one side of the vent and the bottle’s inner wall as the other side. During feeding, air flows into the bottle through four evenly spaced openings, ensuring proper venting regardless of how you hold the bottle." -

The image below shows how the venting works with just that one simple piece in the bottle.

We purchased the ones that are made of PPSU plastic - which is basically the elements and benefits of glass, with the durability of plastic. The PPSU material is used in many medical and dental devices and can withstand over 1000 cycles of sterilization without losing or compromising any of the qualities it has. Best of all, it doesn't absorb stains or odours like regular plastic, and is so much lighter in weight than glass.

The other thing that we loved about these bottles, is that when you place the cover on the bottles, they don't leak. The Dr Browns Options bottles that we were using prior to these would leak if you just placed the clear lid over the nipple part. You actually had to remove the nipple part of the bottle, and get separate bottle lids to transport these bottles with milk in them. The part that sucked the most about that, is that when you were out and when to heat up the milk, you couldn't test the temperature of the milk, unless you put the nipple and all the other associated parts on with it first. It was just a lot of extra work that frankly, when you're dealing with a hungry baby, can be a pain in the butt! With the Joovy Boob bottles, you don't have to deal with any of that - just remove the plastic lid, and you're good to go. Need to pack it back up? Place the lid back on without removing anything and you're off. The images below show the separate caps that you need to actually transport milk in the Dr Browns bottles.

The Joovy Boob bottles below show that you can transport the bottles with just the clear plastic lid without them leaking.

Because our son is exclusively bottle fed, I can't comment on its ability to prevent nipple confusion, but they do have 2 options of nipples for the bottles which can be purchased separately.

And if this review isn't enough to get you to try the Joovy Boob bottles, then maybe getting a FREE trial bottle will get you to test it out for yourself. Click this link here, or copy and past this link in your browser Http://

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