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Mountain Buggy Swift - Stroller Review

Ok, after we purchased the Mountain Buggy Nano, we were so impressed with their product that we bought the 2015 model Swift. It’s another smaller, compact size stroller that a newborn can fit directly into (without a car seat). This is more of a lifestyle or going-on-a-walk or run type of stroller. The seat reclines all the way, allowing you to have your newborn directly in the stroller.

The size of the stroller was what attracted us to it. Most jogging strollers are just massive. They take up the entire trunk space of your car, they’re heavy and bulky, making it that much more inconvenient to get in the car with a baby. This stroller is lightweight (yet sturdy), and its easy to fold up too, which is an added bonus. Totally “dad-approved”, meaning even dad knows how to fold it up.

This stroller comes with a bottle holder (not suitable for a coffee cup like a Starbucks or Tim Hortons cup), and had options to add on both a sun screen thingie and a rain proof thingie. We bought both – living in BC Canada, it rains pretty much all winter so we thought it would be a good investment. We thought we would never use a sunscreen thing, and then somehow, our fall stayed sunny so we splurged and got it. It’s a good investment as it also keeps bugs out in the summer. This is the most helpful thing because, I am deathly afraid of bugs, and should one go near my baby, I actually do not know what I would do. I hope that I will not push the stroller away from me (because in my mind, this is what I would actually do), but the other good thing, is there is a strap that you can attach/wrap to your hand so you don’t end up doing this.

The wheels are super sturdy, and almost like an anti-bumpy ride since they are inflatable. I’ve read online that you should always carry a pump with you, but I haven’t had a need for one. We’ve had the stroller for 9 months now, and we’ve taken it to the beach, where its very rocky, and have taken it on grassy fields with no problems at all. Our son actually even slept through the bumpy and rocky terrain at the beach.

The seat has a really comfy, padded area where your baby sits/lies down, and the best thing about this is you can purchase extras of this padded insert. This allows you to alter the colour of your stroller, and also allows you to wash it and have an extra if you need it. I purchased an extra one in the light grey, because ours is the all black version, and I thought the black padded liner might get really hot. I’m really glad I did, as I feel it doesn’t get as hot as the black one got when sitting in the trunk of the car, or taking it on long walks in the sun (even though we do use the sun-shade). The seat also reclines all the way flat so you could put a newborn in the seat directly (without a car seat).

The stroller is a little bigger than the Nano, but is still very compact for an all terrain stroller. It is 20lbs, which is the lightest all terrain stroller that I have come across. It’s kinda nice to have this style of stroller in a smaller, and more compact size. Its funny because we’ve had a pregnant lady approach us about the stroller – she saw us with it in the parking lot, and wanted to know what brand it was because of how compact it is for a jogging style stroller. My husband commented to me afterwards that he was so glad I was with him because he would have had no idea, and his reply would have been “Sorry, I don’t know, my wife bought it”. So its a stroller that turns heads, thats for sure! And at $500, its not on the overly expensive side of a stroller (compared to the Uppababy and Bugaboo brands).

I only have 2 complaints with this stroller:

First, is that it is NOT compatible with the Peg Pérego Primo Viaggio 4-35 car seat, which really blows. I contacted Mountain Buggy, and they informed me the reason it’s not compatible is because the Peg Pérego car seat is too wide to fit within the parameters of this particular stroller.

Second, I wish it had a handbrake on it for if you’re walking down hill. It’s not a huge deal, considering how great the stroller is, but would still have been a nice added feature to make it that much better.

We would rate this as a 4.5 star stroller, since we have the (above-mentioned) complaints. Again, still a very nice stroller, but would be awesome if it was compatible with more car seats, and if it had the hand brake, which for an all terrain stroller would be a huge benefit.

*This review is based on my own views, opinions and experience. Mountain Buggy did not provide me with product for review. I am just a new mom trying to help other parents out with all the decisions on the tons of baby products out there.*

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