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7 month update

March 14, 2016.

Linden had his 7 month check up, although it was more like his 7.5 month check up. Here is what we learned from his visit to the doctor…

  • It is normal that Linden only poops once a week since he’s been on solids once a day and breastfed the other times.

  • He needs to be eating more solids – 3 times a day, and breastfed 4 times a day. This will help with longer stretches of sleep at night.

  • Introducing new foods at night is probably not a good idea in case they give him gas.

  • Babies this age need more food during the day, rather than one big meal at night.

  • Stranger anxiety is a good thing

At 7 months, Linden is now:

  • Pulling himself up on furniture, toys and whatever else he can find to help him stand.

  • He can hold your finger and walk, although very wobbly.

  • He is full on crawling, and you better keep an eye on him!

  • He sits on his own, (although often stretches his arms out like he’s surfing) to balance himself

  • He is taking an interest in sign language, and although he doesn’t have full control of his hands/fingers, he tries to do the sign for “more”. But its more like slapping his knees, rather than putting his hands/fingers together. He is very interested in our hands when we sign with him.

So far, we have fed him cooked pears, sweet potatoes, oatmeal cereal, raw bananas, raw apples and raw pears. He likes nothing raw.

At 7 months, his measurements are:

  • 16lbs 6oz

  • 26.5″ long

  • 44cm head circumference

He has finally outgrown his phase of a possible sleep regression, I have no idea what it was. But he went through about 3 weeks of not wanting to be put down to sleep and would only sleep while on me, or on the nursing pillow. It was very strange, but I’m so glad he is “over it” now.

People always mention that time flies with a baby/child, and no truer words have been spoken. Thats one reason why I love blogging – I get a chance every month to write about the milestones that our son has hit, the new things he’s learned, the things we got to experience with him (like swimming and sign language, etc), and I get to reflect on the time I’ve had, and appreciate how fortunate we are to be blessed with such an amazing and healthy baby. Our lives have changed, no doubt, our patience has been tested, but its all been for the better, and our lives are so much richer since our son was born.

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