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Nenu Teethers - Teether Review

I was so excited to receive this package from Nēnu. I was especially looking forward to the baby spoon and fork set, and was extremely impressed with all their products. Below is a full review of their line of baby products.

Nēnu Bud

The Nenu bud teether was amazing for our 6 month old son. Our son has been teething since he was about 4 months, but hasn’t cut any teeth yet. He drools so much, and I’m sure as parents, you can all relate with your own babies, that he also loves to put everything in his mouth. The Nēnu Bud has to be one of his favourites. I’m sure many of you when faced with a teething baby, will be willing to try pretty much anything to alleviate the discomfort your baby is experiencing. We’ve tried every teether you can imagine, including homemade frozen breastmilk popsicles. The Nēnu Bud has raised the bar. I would even say that it “one ups” the famous Sophie (the giraffe teether). Our son loves his Nēnu Bud – and will literally chew on it for over a half hour. The top part of it is round and is perfect for him to hold on to, and wrap his tiny hands around it. He has no problems grasping it. The leg parts of the teether have ridges on them, and are slightly longer than the arm sections, and our son loved that he could get it to the back of his gums to alleviate some of the teething pressure on his back molars. I think thats been one challenge we’ve had – to find a teether for his back teeth. We haven’t been able to find something that he can really get to the back of his mouth, without him gagging or choking on it. The structure of the Nēnu Bud is also great, in that it doesn’t lose its shape, so our son doesn’t end up with a mouthful of teething toys. It just targets the gums, rather than the whole mouth. For example, we have a Chewbead necklace, but our son literally tries to put the entire thing in his mouth. He ends up choking on it sometimes and getting drool everywhere. Because the Nēnu Bud is shaped properly, he’s not jamming the whole thing in his mouth and drooling all over the place. Its seriously an amazing teether or chew toy for a teething baby.

Lastly, we have a shedding, 70lbs golden doodle at home, and the material on the teether prevents hair/fur from sticking to the teether like other toys. If there’s a ton of hair/fur, some will stick, but not anywhere close to the amount from other toys.

Nēnu Bug

These are the perfect teethers for a 7 month old. Our son has been teething since he was about 3 months, but still hasn’t cut any teeth yet. He’s constantly trying to put things in his mouth, and chewing and sucking on everything in sight. Enter Nēnu teethers. They’re awesome. The size of them is just perfect. They are 100% made and designed in the USA so you don’t have to worry about any safety issues with them. They are the perfect size and shape for our 7 month old to hold, grip, and chew on. The Nēnu Bug has 4 legs on it, and each leg is about the width of his thumb (which he loves to suck, yes we have a thumb sucker), so it has a sense of familiarity to it. We put it in the fridge so its nice and cold and probably feels good on his gums when he gets it. They can also be used as a bath toy since they float!

Nenu Spoon & Fork set

I was so excited to receive the Nēnu Spoon! I love the fact that the shape and girth (or width) of the handles emulate that of an adult’s finger, making it very easy for my 7 month old to handle. (Our son loves to hold our finger when he is unsure of things, and often, holds my husband’s finger to help him fall asleep in the car. He uses the familiarity of our finger to help sooth him). Linden was stoked to be able to feed himself (although I think he gets more all over himself than he does in his mouth, but thats beside the point!). He had no issues holding the spoon, and it fits great in his mouth, and holds a good amount of food (not too much, and not too little). I also love that the spoon has little “legs” or nubs, on them, which can rest on a table without getting the table dirty. This is actually a big deal, because when you’re feeding a 7 month old, they’re messy enough and they get food everywhere. So, if you can prevent something from getting dirty, like a portion of your table, thats one less thing you have to clean. And as a tired mom, thats something that I appreciate more than you know. You can place the spoon down (with food on it), and it sits perfectly level, with the scoop part sitting above the table so it doesn’t get it dirty. See pic below. The “legs” on the spoon and fork also allow you to “hang” or sit them on the edge of a bowl or plate, which is kind of nice.

The lone issue that I had with the fork and spoon set, was that the handles on them are too short. The handle length is great if your infant is at the age where they can feed themselves. But at 7 months, ours isn’t quite co-ordinated enough, so we still have to feed him. The length of the handles were an issue because our son tries to feed himself, but he ends up getting food and drool all over the handle of the spoon, and all over our hands. Because of the short handle on the spoon, he literally gets food all over it, all the way to the end of it, and it makes it very difficult for us to get a good grip on the handle to feed him. I don’t know if its just our son, but he had a tendency to grab the spoon below the legs/nubs on the spoon (closer to the handle, further from the food), which was awesome, because it prevented him from grabbing the food before it got to his mouth! So the legs on the spoon almost act as a buffer to prevent them from putting their hands all over the food. But again, that may have led us to the problem where the handle seemed too short for both our hand, as well as our son’s hand.

Overall, Nēnu is an amazing company for baby products. All their products are designed in Seattle, and made in the USA. With this, you know exactly what you’re purchasing, and can feel a sense of comfort knowing the materials are all safe, up to standard, tested and approved for babies. Second, their customer service and communication far exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them. (These will also make a great baby shower gift package, in case you need ideas!)

Key Features of the Nēnu Products

  • BPA, Phthalate, Vinyl, Latex, Cadmium, and Lead Free

  • 100% made in the USA

  • FDA rated medical grade materials

  • Freezable

  • Floats (so it can be used as a bath toy or a toy in the pool!)

If you’ve got a teething baby on your hands, and are in the market for some awesome teethers, Nēnu has generously offered you a 20% discount code at checkout direct from their website. Their spoons and forks are also a hit with the little ones, so I’d totally recommend placing an order! Seriously, give these teethers a try, you won’t regret it. In fact, I’m off to place an order for my best friend who’s baby shower is coming up next month! Click here or visit and use coupon code WTFParent20 for 20% off and free shipping on your order (valid until March 23, 2016)!

*Disclaimer: I was offered this product at little or no cost, in exchange for a review. All reviews are based 100% on our personal experiences and I am in no way obligated to give a positive review.

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