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Ergobaby 360 - Baby Carrier Review

Keep Calm and (Baby) Carry On

A few blog posts ago, I did a bunch of research on baby carriers, and I was looking for one that would not have a negative effect on my baby’s physical development (such as hip dysplasia).

Here is my review on the Ergobaby 360 Carrier.

Ease of use:

Once you figure out how to use it, its actually quite easy to use. You do have to get accustomed to all the straps and almost practice using the top clip in the back. Like I said though, once you figure it out and do it a couple of times, its really easy to do it. The velcro strap at the bottom is great – personally, I find that its very easy to put on and take off (rather than fiddling with a clip/snaps). I know the velcro has gotten some negative reviews in the past because its noisy, but I haven’t felt its been an issue. In fact, I feel that with the velcro, you can get a better fit, as its easier to adjust it than tightening straps and clips (like on the Baby Bjorn One).

Baby’s comfort:

Our son is 6 months old, and 25.5″ long. He just barely comes up past the top of the front of the carrier (with the front folded down as low as it can go). So, if you have a smaller or shorter baby, you may want to keep this in mind if you’re planning on baby wearing forward facing. Once you’ve figured out what’s right for your baby (whether to wear inward or outward facing), the carrier seems to be very comfortable. They sit well in the carrier, unlike in the Baby Bjorn One. In the Ergo 360, they are sitting “froggy” style, with their knees at or above hip height (versus the Baby Bjorn One which looks more like the baby is “dangling” rather than sitting). I go for walks with my baby (always outward facing, as thats his preference) and he loves it. He loves to look around at stuff, and he seems very comfortable. He never fusses in the carrier, and at times, we will go for over an hour. Please keep in mind though, that you should lead up to this, gradually adding the amount of time they’re forward facing in the baby carrier. Our baby has even fallen asleep while I was wearing him forward facing, so it must be fairly comfortable.

Parent’s Comfort:

Personally, I like the fit of the Ergobaby 360 carrier better than the Baby Bjorn One. I feel the shoulder straps fit me much better, and it doesn’t seem as bulky as the Baby Bjorn One. This could be a good thing or a bad thing – for example, my husband likes the Baby Bjorn One better because he has broader shoulders, so he feels the fit is better for him. He also prefers to be able to slip our baby in to it, rather than to hold our baby against us while putting the shoulder straps on and ultimately getting the carrier on. For example, with the Baby Bjorn One, you can put the whole carrier on, securely fastened and slip your baby in from the top – with the Ergobaby 360, you cannot do this. You need to get the bottom hip strap on first, hold the baby against your chest and then do up the top and back straps. I also feel that the weight distribution on the Ergobaby 360 is better – distributing the weight of your baby to your back and your shoulders. I felt with the Baby Bjorn One, the weight was mostly in your shoulders.

Cons with the Ergobaby 360:

The main (and probably the only) thing that I don’t like about this carrier, is that the bib that you can purchase for it separately is quite costly. The carrier alone is over CAD$200, and the bib is an additional CAD$35. The Baby Bjorn bibs were most half the price at about CAD$18 which was nice because we bought 2 bibs – which we have actually had to use because as moms, I’m sure you know, babies spit up. So, that added cost for the bib personally, is a bit of a rip off, but it is something that does come in handy.

If you have any input or comments on any baby carriers, please feel free to post them in the comments section!

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