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Water Babies

As some of you may have read in one of my previous blog posts, I wrote about what to do with your baby and what kinda activities you can do with them since I was completely at a loss. I finally managed to enroll Linden in a swim school and so far it’s been great! He seems to really enjoy it, and he sure is tuckered out after!

He goes twice a week, and although he’s really too little to teach him anything, we are getting him into a rhythm with what he does. For instance, they practice “Humpty Dumpty” with him, where they sit him on the pool deck, sing Humpty Dumpty and then dunk him (totally submerged) in the pool, then direct him back to the edge of the pool. This is supposed to help their muscle memory (or maybe just regular memory) so that if they ever find themselves in a situation where they fall from the edge of a water surface, they know to turn and head back to the edge.

They also get us to practice roll overs, where we swim with him on his belly, then turn him over onto his back, and continue to do this. This is also supposed to help so if they ever fall into a body of water, they will know how to roll over onto their backs so they can float and won’t breathe in or swallow any water.

Then they play games with him, like Motor Boat (which is not the “grown-up” version of motor boat at all), and it’s his favorite game! We basically just spin him around and say a motor boat rhyme and he likes to be spun around. Then they bring out little ducks and fish and he grabs them and gets to put them in his mouth – another one of his favorite parts of swimming. If he can put something into his mouth, he approves of it.

Anyways, today is his 3rd week of lessons, so he’s gone 5 times now, and he started kicking his legs for the first time! So exciting. So, for anyone who is at a loss of what to do with their baby, swimming is awesome. It’s pretty much the only activity that you can do with them since they can’t even sit up or stand or walk yet.

For anyone in the Lower Mainland area, we go to Swim Clo and although they’re kinda pricy, I totally recommend them. The pool is heated and it’s totally private so the baby doesn’t get freaked out. You can visit their website Here, or visit them on Facebook!

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