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Ergobaby Natural Curve - Nursing Pillow Review

I bought the Ergobaby natural curve nursing pillow after I read rave reviews about the product. And after using it, I couldn’t agree more. I had some cheap nursing pillow from Babies R Us, and from the beginning, I always had problems with it. Firstly, it didn’t fit very well around my postpartum belly. Second, because of the flat shape of it, my son’s head always had to be propped up either by me holding it or if I could fit a pillow under it. Which meant I was either surrounded by pillows or I only had one free hand while nursing. Lastly, and probably the most inconvenient, was the fact that my son kept falling between me and the pillow because there wasn’t a strap holding it in place.

All these problems were addressed with the Ergobaby nursing pillow. My son’s head is properly supported by the natural shape of the pillow. The pillow is ultra firm – firmer than any other pillow I’ve seen on the market, yet the fabric on top layer is so soft and smooth for my son to lay on. The other added feature to this pillow, which I didn’t even know of until I started using it, is that because of its unique shape, your baby is forced into the proper, and natural breastfeeding position.

The one thing that I wish it did have though, is a strap to hold it in place. However, because of its shape and design, your baby fits on it properly and I haven’t notice my son slipping between myself and the pillow as I had problems with, with my previous nursing pillow. From the reviews I read, other moms complained that there is no handle on the nursing pillow, making it difficult to pick up with one hand. I would agree with this observation/complaint, but I haven’t found it to be an inconvenience. Lastly, I wish this pillow had a cup holder for me to rest a cup of coffee. But that’s something I don’t think any nursing pillow has….

At CAD$95, it’s an expensive nursing pillow, but well worth it. I wish I had it from the beginning and being able to have 2 hands free while nursing has been a huge benefit to this pillow. Also, if I had spent the money in the beginning, I wouldn’t have wasted the $30 on the crappy one I had before.

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