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Nuna Leaf - Swing Review

After reading up on the Nuna Leaf swing, I decided to get one – according to multiple reviews, it helps baby sleep, which in turn makes it worth every penny.

I was debating on whether to get the Nuna Leaf, or the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Bouncer Soft. I decided to go with the Nuna Leaf, and I’m insanely happy with it. Our son absolutely loves this swing. It is not motorized, so you have to physically swing it (but once you push it, it continues to swing for about 2 minutes).

I think it’s something to do with the motion and the angle that the seat is at that makes it so comfortable for our son. We have a Graco swing which doubles as a bouncer which we got on sale for 50% off at Babie R Us, but for some reason our son isn’t a huge fan of it and can only sit in it for a couple of minutes before he starts to fuss.

The main reason I chose the Nuna Leaf over the Baby Bjorn Bouncer is because the Leaf supports kids up to 130lbs which means that our son will be able to grow into it as well. Because of this, I figured it would be a good investment since we’ll be able to use it for years to come.

Our son will sit in it without fussing for over a half hour. If he’s tired, the motion will help put him to sleep, but if he’s wide awake, about 30 min in this swing is a life saver! Being able to finish folding laundry, or eat a sandwich or finish your coffee with both hands free was so nice! It was definitely worth the $249 at TJs Kids.

We are so happy with this purchase, and its great to know that its a swing that will grow with our son, since the weight limit on it is 120lbs. Knowing a product can last until your son is older makes the purchase more of an “investment” and makes it a little easier to spend the money when you know its going to last a long time. Personally, I feel Nuna is a company that focusses on quality and durability, and as a first time mom, those are the same things that I look for in a product.

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