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Halo Bassinest - Bassinet Review

We finally caved and purchased the Halo Bassinest Swivel Sleeper. And we’re glad we did. We were previously using a Graco Pack n’ Play, but because of its size, it was at the foot of our bed. Because of the location of the pack n play, we were not particularly close to our newborn which made me a little uncomfortable (since I’m your typical paranoid first time mom).

The Halo Bassinest was able to fit comfortably on the side of the bed where I sleep. It swivels and basically “hovers” over top of your bed, so your baby is as close to you as you want him/her. We have the Premier model (purchased from Babies R Us), and I really like the white noise, vibration, and the night light that it has built in to it (the other model “Essential” does not have these features). Our son seems to be calmed by the vibration and the white noise. The night light is beneficial in the middle of the night if I need to check on our baby.

The best part about this, is the front part of the bassinet moves, as you can push the bar down, in order for you to pick you baby up and get him out of the bassinet when you need.

I also really like the fact that there’s accessories available for this bassinet, such as a waterproof pad and sheets. The Graco Pack n Play didn’t have this, and because baby is supposed to sleep without anything in their crib/bassinet, if our son spit up, it was very difficult to clean the mattress part of the bassinet/pack n play. Having this for the Halo Bassinest is great!

The other feature it has is a nursing timer but I haven’t seen a need for that feature.

It’s great to use in the afternoon when your baby is having a nap. You can lay in bed, read, watch tv or rest without worrying about holding him or leaving him somewhere.

Overall, it’s an expensive bassinet, but it’s well worth the investment. It acts kinda like a co-sleeper, without your baby being in your bed, but being as close to you and your bed as safely possible.

Our son is 2 months old, 11lbs, and 22″ long and he fits in the bassinet comfortably with lots of room to grow.

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