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Mountain Buggy Nano - Stroller Review

We bought the Mountain Buggy Nano as a compact stroller so we could take it into restaurants and other small areas like smaller shops or in the mall. The stroller retails for CAD$299 and we purchased ours from Crocodile Baby. This is probably the best investment we have, and if we had the extra money, I would’ve bought 2 of them, as occasionally we leave it in one car, and go out in the other.

This stroller is amazing. First off, it’s small. Its compact and you can pretty much take it anywhere. It’s supposed to be a travel stroller, but we have yet to travel anywhere with our baby (actual baby, I wasn’t referring to our stroller!) However, seeing how small it folds up, I can totally see why this would be a must for people who travel. The stroller itself is 13lbs. My understanding is, it fits a newborn to a child of 44lbs. The only catch is, you’re not supposed to put your baby directly in it (without a car seat) until your baby is 6 months old. It does however, recline about 90% flat. It is 22″ wide, and the handle bar sits at 38.5″ high.

When you first get it, figuring out how to fold it up is a little challenging but once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. My husband went out with our baby and I stayed at home – he couldn’t figure out how to close the stroller so he literally just threw it in the backseat of his car – and it fit! Just to give you an idea of how compact it actually is. And he just has a Toyota Avalon – nothing too big like an SUV or anything.

It is completely compatible with the Peg Pérego Primo Viaggio 4-35 infant car seat, and the car seat attaches with a seat belt on the stroller. It doesnt require an adaptor or anything like that, which we found to be very convenient. It also comes with bungee cords to secure the car seat even better but we never use the cords – we found the seat belt to be sufficient for just regular, everyday use.

Usually, my husband takes the car seat, to put our baby in the car (as that’s the heavier of the two), and I’m left to fold up the stroller and get it in the car. It’s so easy and lightweight.

The only thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of, is that the seat itself is kind of low. When my son turned 6 months old and we could put him in the stroller without the car seat, he wasn’t up at our height, which would have been nice. Not a huge deal, but something to consider if you’re purchasing the stroller to use without the car seat. However, if your child is a little older/taller/bigger, then this wouldn’t be an issue.

Overall, we give this stroller a 5 star rating. Especially for its price. There’s lots of other strollers on the market that are heavier and bulkier and quite a bit more money. Thank you Mountain Buggy for coming up with this stroller because it’s f***ing amazing!

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