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Plantar Foot Evaluation

Plantar Foot Evaluation

Utilizing a state-of-the-art pressure platform by BTS Bioengineering that you would typically see in clinical settings, I can evaluate thousands of data points that lead to a better understanding of things like limb dominance, fall risk, and pressure allocation.

The reason why having this understanding is so vital to performance and overall comfort, is that sometimes things can be hidden from the naked eye. Using this software, we can determine things that I could have easily missed in basic evaluations. This piece of technology isn't something to rely on but rather an important supplement towards our complete assessment of your foot health.

Perhaps the most important piece of information the P-Walk platform can provide is each individual's fall risk, both in shoes, and without them. Certain types of shoes can be advertised as helping with balance or comfort but can actually sometimes be making balance worse. Having an unbiased and wonderfully illustrated plantar pressure map can help us mitigate fall risk and better provide appropriate exercise programming.

Want to gain a better understanding of your feet?