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Movement Screening

FMS Movement Screening

Your body is only as strong as its movement quality. Using the FMS Movement Screen, we will help you fully understand all of your strengths and relative weaknesses. Sometimes, weakness is actually overuse, restriction, or pain in disguise, so by setting a baseline of movement quality, we can determine the most appropriate exercise protocol.

The best combination of mobility and stability, in a joint by joint approach, is what FMS founder Gray Cook touts as movement in its purest form. We tend to agree and like to incorporate certain exercises and clearing tests to help us evaluate our clients' injury risk. If pain is persistent, we can refer to trusted professionals in the area with Physical Therapist and/or Orthopedic credentials.

Much like the gait analysis and plantar pressure mapping software, movement screens serve as a supplement for proper exercise prescription. They merely serve as another tool in the toolbox that we can use to help you rebuild a stronger and more resilient foundation. A foundation that, if accompanied by regular exercise, will serve you for the rest of your life.

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