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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Join us in a discovery of all the hidden intricacies of not only your gait, but your foot strike pattern. The human gait, and all bipedal motion is a highly orchestrated combination of many movements, and can sometimes be taken for granted. A small problem may not be noticeable in casual walking, but for those who are planning on increasing their overall step count, sometimes those problems can present themselves in a bigger way down the road.

Maybe even more important, though, is how the human gait relates to running and sport specific movements. Excessive pronation can be tolerable during casual walking, but if you translate that positional extreme to the high impact nature of running or jumping, things could escalate quickly. Combine that with improper footwear and those aches and pains could hinder your movement even more.

Understanding the importance of improving quality of life, and making every day activities more comfortable, we will record a multiple angle, slow motion video, and break down each phase, from push-off to landing. Combining this video with appropriate exercise programming and the potential use of the plantar surface platform, we can work together to not only bring you out of pain, but hopefully enhance your performance and quality of life.


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