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Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling has been increasing in popularity over the last few years, but its benefits have been purported for much longer than that. It is otherwise known as "self myofascial release" or "self massage", and the benefits are similar to those attained during an actual massage, but can be performed regularly at home, at work, or before exercise.

Having written a book on Foam Rolling and its benefits, we feel as though we have a strong understanding on the many different ways you can use a foam roller or any number of other self massage devices. Team up with us as we guide you through how to use this device, as well as come up with a unique program suited to your occupational and/or recreational demands.

Foam Rolling is not a cure-all and should not fully replace traditional massages. However, if utilized frequently and tactfully in combination with adequate exercise and workplace modification, foam rolling can be another very useful tool in the wellness toolbox.

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