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Corporate Wellness Solutions

Workplace Evaluation

Our team will move in for a day and conduct a top down evaluation on the overall wellness of both your workplace and the employees.

Create a Timeline

After conducting a Wellness analysis, we will work together to create a series of short term and long term goals for not only each individual employee, but the workplace overall.

Wellness Contracting

We will reach out to trusted professionals in a variety of relevant disciplines to help your organization reach its goals. Those professionals may include Registered Dieticians, Behavioral Psychologists, and Licensed Physicians, depending on the unique needs of your particular workplace.

Wellness Plan Curation

The Woodworth Wellness team will look at where each employee fits into each of the four spokes of the wellness wheel- Exercise, Dietary Patterns, Sleep Hygiene, and Stress Management. We will work with each individual employee to determine how much intervention is possible and/or required in each of these elements.

Monitoring and Feedback

We want you to look at this collaboration as a long term investment in not only your workplace environment, but all of your employees. Even after the initial phases have come and gone, we will sustain monthly check-ins and reevaluations to make sure your benefits are lasting.

Corporate Wellness Services

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