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Returning to Exercise Postpartum


You have reached the end of pregnancy and it is time to consider a return to exercise, but when is…
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Freedom vs. Safety, An Epic Battle


Freedom and safety exist in a constant struggle, taking no risks leads to no progress, growth, development. In essence, stagnation is the enemy.

Exercising Through the Second Trimester


As we continue with this blog post series and break down the pregnancy trimesters, this post focuses on the second…
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Exercising Through the First Trimester


I am embarking on a mini blog post series to break down the pregnancy trimesters and educate clients on the…
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Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Instructor


I am happy to share that I have completed a new certification to expand my training knowledge and add an…
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Now is the Time to Invest in You


What do depression, diabetes, and cancer all have in common? They all can be positively impacted by exercise.

CBD- What Do We Know?


CBD- Is it worth the hype? Let’s explore the purported benefits, potential risks, and determine if it deserves to be in your wellness regimen.

My Most Commonly Asked Questions


In a world rich with information combined with a seemingly infinite number of sources from which to access said information,…
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Pandemic Software Update


Scenario #1 We forget to put on sunscreen before going to the beach. Inevitably, we are subjected to a severe…
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Personal Fitness Programs

Harm Reduction


I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “the lesser of two evils”. A typical example being on one hand…
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