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Five Tips for a More Balanced Plate

Five Tips for a More Balanced Plate

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Are you looking to make healthier changes in 2022 without going on another diet? It’s possible to make changes towards healthy habits that are not only sustainable, but also stress free. Check out these five easy tips for a more balanced plate that you can implement today!

  1. Focus on what you can add. When ditching the diet mentality, it’s helpful to think about what healthy options you can add to your plate and overall eating pattern instead of worrying about what you should remove. Some easy nutritious additions might be a side of apple slices, a handful of cherry tomatoes, or a sprinkle of chia seeds for added fiber. 
  2. Look for color. The brighter and more vibrant your plate is, the likely more nutrient dense it is too! When you look at your plate is it visually appealing?
  3. Think variety. Eating a wide variety of food ensures that we are also getting a wide variety of nutrients. A variety of fruits and vegetables is great, but also consider the other food groups including whole grains, proteins, fats, nuts and seeds, and more. 
  4. Ask what might make this better. Considering what sounds good is important to help you feel not just full, but also satisfied. Would a side of crackers with your soup or a sprinkle of cheese or chives help you find that sweet spot? Pay attention to your personal food preferences to make decisions that feel good to you.
  5. Keep a balanced mindset. Remember, one ‘healthy’ meal will not cure all ailments, just as one trip through the drive thru won’t give you heart disease. Continue to focus on the bigger picture, and remember that every eating experience is an opportunity to learn more about your body and it’s needs. 

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About the Author

After the college weight gain from studying abroad, I found myself addicted to exercise and hyper-focused on healthy eating. Rather than trusting my body, I fell into the trap of quick fixes, disordered eating, and poor body image. It was a never-ending cycle.

Through my dietetics career and the power of group fitness, I came to realize that our bodies are complex and amazing. I started seeing how the health and fitness industry standards were doing more harm than good, and I began to let go of the rigid rules and restriction to shift my mindset and definition of health. As a result, I created sustainable changes that left me feeling confident and more happier than ever.