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Move to Live

Move to Live

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For almost a year now, I’ve been contemplating hosting a workshop, something educational but extremely hands-on and interactive. After receiving several requests to put on a workshop specifically on Foam Rolling, I’ve decided to finally give it a go!

Move to Live, More Than Foam Rolling

Yes, Foam Rolling is a great tool to have in your arsenal, for recovery, warm-up, and overall good feeling from head to toe. In my quest to provide a unique experience for those in attendance, I felt there were some necessary components that were missing. How about how to properly pick up a suitcase, change out a lightbulb, or rake some leaves? As far as I know, there isn’t a weight room “exercise” addressing how to put your leg up on a stool and tie your shoes.  Mainly, because there shouldn’t be, exercises are exercises, and life is life. I wanted this class to bridge the gap between how we look at exercises for strength training, and how we need them for everyday movement in our lives.

Live to Move

If you happened to take a peek at the logo for this workshop, the arrows connect move to live, as well as live to move. This is because the relationship is cyclical, for good or for bad.  The more you move, the more you can “live”.  I put that word in quotations because I’m talking about a slightly abstract meaning for the word. Not simply to survive (which movement obviously helps with), but to experience life, and all that it has to offer.

To feel the high you get after scaling a mountain (or hill, in Indiana) and looking out over the world.

To enjoy the excitement of crawling around the ground with your children laughing uncontrollably.

To experience a boost in energy at work after getting up from your desk and walking the stairs a few time.

None of these moments happen, with relative ease, or at all, without the ability to move. I’ve worked for over seven years now trying to convince my friends, family, and clients, that it’s not about exercising to become better at exercising, but to exercising to become better at living life. I’m hoping to bring it all together for this (in my highly biased opinion) extremely unique learning opportunity.

What to Expect

The class will be both immersive and interactive, with the entire workshop revolving around you and your classmates. If you’re looking for a typical classroom setting, where intense note-taking and powerpoints anchor the dry and tedious discussion, then this workshop isn’t for you.

You can expect clear, concise instruction on a few key points in regards to Foam Rolling, followed by you actually performing each exercise until you feel comfortable replicating it on your own time.

You can expect in-person examples of some of the most frequently experienced occupational, lifestyle, and recreational movement hazards: picking up a child, raking leaves, sitting at a desk, and carrying a purse, to name a few.

You can expect several excellent and simple exercises to help “lock in” the effects of your Foam Rolling and more importantly provide you with the confidence and strength to confront and conquer those everyday movement hazards without incurring injury. After all, if something hurts, or reminds you of a time you hurt, you probably won’t do it.

Most of all, you can expect a fun, light-hearted environment, where everyone is looking to become a better-moving version of themselves. My goal for you is to make it fun, engaging, and worth your time!

The Details

When is it- Saturday, December 9th, 2017 from 9am-12noon

Where is it- At the Fitness Clinic of Indy (2160 W. 86th St. Suite 101, Indianapolis, IN 46260)

How much is it- $95 for seminar and Foam Rolling package (Foam Roller, Book, Ball)                                                $65 for seminar only (you will need a book for your manual)

Who is it for- Anyone who wants to know more about Foam Rolling, wants to improve their movement quality or is the least bit curious about how awesome this class will be!

If you would like to sign up, please email me at [email protected] or call/text me at (574)-215-2734


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