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Personal Review of “Foam Rolling”

Personal Review of “Foam Rolling”

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There are probably a lot of people out there wondering about the status of the book, how to order, when it comes out, etc.  I’ll get to that later, but I recently received my own personal copy of the book and got a chance to read through it as a finished product.  I wanted this blog post to serve as an evaluation of the whole process of writing and of the book itself.  In addition to points of how much good “Foam Rolling” can potentially do, I really wanted a chance to reiterate that the book is just that, a book.  I’m a strong advocate of transparency, especially if me being transparent gives you, the reader or the client, pertinent information for your own decision making.  As much as sales might increase or benefit from an attention grabbing statement like “try this one amazing trick with a foam roller guaranteed to eliminate your low back pain, give you six-pack abs, and a better sex-life”, I can’t sleep at night knowing that I’m selling books based on a lie (although it can do wonders for low back pain).  I’m not a moralist by any stretch, but I do enjoy helping people, in addition to a good night sleep.

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Foam Rolling; It is a Resource

This book, combined with the necessary tools (foam roller and trigger point ball) can be a wonderful resource.  It was created absolutely with the reader in mind.  Whereas similar publications, while factually accurate and informative, can be extremely dry and filled with scientific jargon.  Yes, this book has some of that in the beginning, but only as much as you, the reader, might need in order to better understand what you’re trying to accomplish.  Everyone has heard the quote “Knowledge is power”, but if you do nothing with the knowledge to either help yourself or others, it isn’t powerful at all.  Yeah, some might derive some utility from just “knowing” things just like having a really nice car that you never drive or display.  The book was written to not only teach but to make the reproduction of exercises a relatively easy process in the comfort of one’s home, office, or hotel room.

Sample Foam Rolling Program
Sample Foam Rolling Program

From detailed step-by-step instructions to the over 500 high-resolution full-color images, “Foam Rolling” was designed to be a borderline enjoyable read, especially when you have real problems to deal with.  I’m talking real problems that affect people on a daily basis: low back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, to name a few.  I even know a few people very close to me dealing with such ailments in real-time and before resulting to surgical interventions (which are absolutely necessary in some cases), I urge them to try a little self-help.  If occupational hazards are unavoidable (sit time during a commute, no standing desk available, or certain attire must be worn), then people need a way to at the very least create a break even scenario.  Spend an hour sitting, spend five minutes foam rolling your back and gluteals, etc.

Foam Rolling; Not a Cure-all

For someone who is enthusiastic enough about one thing to write a book on it, I am also very realistic about a Foam Roller’s limitations.  It’s not as relaxing as a $100 massage, it’s not as lasting as actually changing your movement patterns altogether (some of that is included in the book, just saying), and it’s not as easy as popping some pills and masking the pain.

But how much is a little less back pain worth?

How much is a little more hip mobility worth?

How much is a little more core stability worth?

Foam Rolling Package
Foam Rolling Package

Besides the fact that all three of these go together, one could make the argument that spending $19.95 for this book or $49.99 for the book, premium foam roller, and trigger point ball, is actually a rather lucrative investment.  As time goes, we as a society are placing an increasingly bigger importance on experiences instead of things.  Not being able to go on a hike with your friends, pick up your child, or exist for a day pain-free, is a pretty substantial opportunity cost for not addressing your movement quality on a daily basis.  It could be as simple as taking that mid-afternoon business phone call while rolling your feet on a trigger point ball when you would be sitting anyways!

What is the Book’s Role

See what I did there?  “Foam Rolling” should be a supplement to an already active and healthy lifestyle.  It should be an informational guide and how-to manual on cost-effective and time-effective ways to keep your body moving.  Don’t be a victim of the damages that you have incurred through years of occupational hazards, previous injuries, or an overall lack of movement.  Read, learn and help yourself.  Consider “Foam Rolling” the movement quality equivalent of putting your own oxygen mask on before helping your neighbor in seat 6A.  Come November 8th, even if it’s just one exercise out of the 60, I hope you all can find something in this book that can be your “oxygen mask” and improve your own quality of life.

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